Directly and indirectly, GIMAV provides a broad range of services to its member companies.

Key areas of activity:

  • Environment, Energy and Safety
    • information and guidance on standards concerning the environment and workplace health and safety
    • support in the areas of application and management of administrative requirements
    • problems involving the quality of public utilities and service
    • relations with the relevant public institutions and with monitoring and control agencies
    • relations with the relevant Ministries and Regional and Provincial departments and their operational bodies
    • information and guidance on industry standards and incentives


  • Communication
    • press clippings
    • information about the media
    • information and support in communicating through new media channels
    • increasing the visibility of member companies through ongoing relations with domestic and foreign industry associations


  • Legal consulting
    • EU, national and regional laws and regulations governing the industrial sector
    • protection of privacy, social and corporate responsibility, corporate law


  • Financing, Incentives and Credit
    • information about corporate financing opportunities and methods: credit facilities and incentives for investments in production, research, innovation and exports
    • access to special terms at banks and lending institutions


  • Training
    • management and business training,
    • guidance and information concerning subsidized contracts, apprenticeships, internships, financing for education and vocational/training courses in general
    • required training as per Legislative Decree 81/08 (occupational health and safety)
    • support in the development of training programs for updating staff through regional and professional funding partially provided by Fondimpresa and Fondirigenti
    • domestic and international partnerships on training programs jointly with Confindustria and ITA (Italian Trade Agency)


  • Internationalization and Exports
    • organization of group delegations to the leading industry trade shows
    • provision of support services to the delegations (groupage for shipping materials, negotiations for reduced rates at the best hotels, ...)
    • support services for invitation letters (Visas)
    • information about foreign markets: business opportunities, distribution systems, customs and duties, taxes and currency regulations
    • lobbying in the interests of the Sector for industry-related financed promotional initiatives
    • foreign trade initiatives and missions overseas
    • assistance and consulting on the laws governing foreign trade incentives
    • handling relations with the institutions responsible for internationalization and Foreign Trade (ITA, Ministry of Economic Development, etc.), with diplomatic authorities and with the Trade and Foreign Investments promotion agencies
    • information and guidance on industry standards and incentives
    • national and sectorial promotional programs
    • report on foreign trade development 
    • promotion of domestic production in Italy and overseas
    • organization of group stands in international shows


  • Labor and social security
    • support and information provided to companies on (EU and national) changes in regulations and case law in the areas of labor law and social security
    • support in the areas of labor law, pension/social security and welfare requirements
    • relations with the offices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security agencies
    • subsidized hiring
    • equal employment opportunity requirements


  • Research and innovation
    • university-business partnerships in research activities (promotion of technology transfer and partnering with university research labs)
    • information and guidance on industry standards and incentives
    • support in specific EU and national financing program participation


  • Studies
    • industry economic analyses
    • information and insights into both micro- and macro-economic phenomena
    • research papers


  • Services covered by special agreements

Thanks to special agreements entered into by Confindustria or by GIMAV itself, member companies can take advantage of special terms for the purchase of material and non-material services like: fuel, rail and airplane tickets, hotels, dining/meal coupons, mobile and wired phone services, auto rental, credit cards, computer products and services, and many others.


  • Other services
    • relations with the glass processing industry
    • preparation of service and maintenance rates and fees
    • definition of warranty conditions for the supply of machinery
    • after-sales warranties for consumer goods
    • counterfeiting fighting and "Made in Italy" safeguard
    • anti-dumping and unfair competition claimsmapping of the implementation of European directives
    • European safety standards for glass processing machinery
    • European technical standards and performance requirements for glass products
    • Relations with CEN (European Committee for Standardization)
      • participation on technical committees and management of workgroup administrative offices for the development of safety standards for glass processing machinery
      • participation on technical committees for the drafting of standards on glass product requirements for the building and construction industry
      • CE 1383 regulation: involvement of custom authorities in the protection of intellectual property
    • Relations with international associations
      • organization of meetings with international glass industry associations on topics of general interest to the sector
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