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  • Other equipment and accessories for cutting
  • Drilling machines with opposite drilling heads
  • Complete lines for shaped cutting
  • Grinding machines for shaped sheets
  • Complete edging lines
  • Machines for shape engraving
  • Automatic automotive-glass cutting machines
  • Shaped and round glass cutting machines
  • Multiple spindle drilling machines
  • Glass cutting optimization and scrap reduction software
  • Combined tables for glass loading, cutting and break-off
  • Armored and laminated glass cutting machines
  • Beveling machines for round and shaped glass
  • Loading and tilting machines
  • CNC Machining center for engraving
  • Straight-line double-edging machines
  • Cutting tables
  • Complete lines for automotive glass
  • Machines and equipment for sheet handling
  • Water jet cutting tables
  • Break-off tables
  • Optimizers for cutting
  • Vertical straight-line machines
  • Automatic drilling lines
  • Handling robots
  • Bevel polishing machines
  • Complete handling lines
  • Automatic straight-line cutting lines
  • Software for vinyl cutting - sandblasting




C.M.S. SpA Costruzione Macchine Speciali

CMS Glass Technology is a leader in fabrication using curved and flat glass with technologically advanced solutions such as CNC machining centers, cutting tables and waterjet cutting systems. With the aim of strategically expanding its range of glass fabrication products, in April 2021 CMS acquired GFP, a company that has been on the market for more than 35 years specializing in cutting tables and automatic seaming machines.

Thanks to its tradition and experience, CMS Glass Technology is today a leading player in this field, capable of implementing innovative solutions intended for the architectural field and for interior decoration.

Specially, CMS Glass Technology offers:

  • 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centers
  • Vertical machining centers and vertical CNC drills
  • Cutting tables and lines
  • Complete waterjet cutting systems
  • Loading systems
  • Seaming machines

GEA, ELECTA, SPEED and MAXIMA are the 3/4- and 5-axis machining centers for processing thick or thin flat glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass and curved glass. The advanced design of its structures and the sophisticated technological solutions adopted ensure robustness, long-term precision, speed and flexibility to guarantee an exceptional degree of finish and unparalleled accuracy. These machines perform any type of edge grinding and polishing, seaming, milling, disc cutting, drilling, contouring, engraving, writing, variable-angle beveling operations and special machining.Their robustness makes them ideal for any type of glass fabrication.

CMS vertical machines are the result of over 20 years of experience in glass fabrication and combine precision and quality with the productivity and versatility benefits typical of vertical fabrication.

Taktika is the brand new compact vertical machining center developed by CMS for the greatest flexibility in small spaces. With a more efficient and userfriendly interface than ever before, it can perform seaming, industrial and smooth grinding, milling and coaxial drilling; it can be used stand-alone or in line with a vertical washing machine to wash the glass immediately after fabrication.

The Ypsos vertical machining center performs drilling, polishing and industrial grinding, milling and coaxial drilling, and can be used as a stand-alone machine, in line with a cutter drill, or within a double-glazing line.

Last in the CMS vertical machine range is the vertical VERTEC CNC drill for drilling, countersinking, milling and notching float, laminated and low-E glass.

CMS cutting tables and lines are the ideal solution for cutting from very thin to very thick float and laminated glass into shapes or rectangles. This range consists of the AGIL TR, RUNNER and RUNNER LINE models, which have NC synchronized brushless motors with features to reduce positioning errors due to mechanical elasticity. The structure of these machines allows larger glass sheets to be loaded. In-line cutting, with loading, cutting and break-off guarantees significantly higher productivity as it avoids the loading and unloading downtime typical of tilting tables.

Easyline, Smartline, Proline and Aquatec 3/5-axis waterjet cutting systems developed by CMS. CMS Tecnocut's excellent know-how in this technology ensures that the machines on offer are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.  These machines combine the power of high-pressure waterjet

cutting with the reliability of robust, modular structures with large work tables that provide best-in-class positioning accuracy and repeatability.

This range is completed with the Easypump and Jet Power Evo pressure intensifiers, and the Greenjet Evo electric pump.

The AURA and PROXIMA seaming machines complete the range of CMS Glass Technology machines.

AURA is a vertical dry glass seaming machine developed especially for machining edges without using water. Aura can be used as a stand-alone machine in line with a vertical washing machine, and is the perfect machine to insert into a double-glazing line.

Aura can seam float or laminated glass, or glass with low-E treatment, and is designed to meet the needs of customers who require ease of use, quick installation, reliability and low system management costs.

The proxima automatic horizontal seaming machine is the ideal solution for all small-medium glass factories that need to venture into seaming with a modest investment. This machine has been designed to be combined with both tilting float glass cutting tables and laminated glass cutting tables.

All CMS machines feature the same simple, user-friendly CMS Active – HMI, and can be linked with each other via CMS CONNECT, the CMS Industry 4.0 IoT software for monitoring and preventive diagnostics.

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