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Index of products

  • Other equipment and accessories for cutting
  • Drilling machines with opposite drilling heads
  • Complete lines for shaped cutting
  • Grinding machines for shaped sheets
  • Complete edging lines
  • Machines for shape engraving
  • Automatic automotive-glass cutting machines
  • Shaped and round glass cutting machines
  • Multiple spindle drilling machines
  • Glass cutting optimization and scrap reduction software
  • Combined tables for glass loading, cutting and break-off
  • Armored and laminated glass cutting machines
  • Beveling machines for round and shaped glass
  • Loading and tilting machines
  • CNC Machining center for engraving
  • Straight-line double-edging machines
  • Cutting tables
  • Complete lines for automotive glass
  • Machines and equipment for sheet handling
  • Water jet cutting tables
  • Break-off tables
  • Horizontal and vertical lathes
  • Column drilling machines
  • Optimizers for cutting
  • Vertical straight-line machines
  • Automatic drilling lines
  • Handling robots
  • Bevel polishing machines
  • Complete handling lines
  • Automatic straight-line cutting lines
  • Special technical products
  • Software for vinyl cutting - sandblasting




C.M.S. SpA Costruzione Macchine Speciali

CMS was founded in 1969. From the very outset, company’s specific vocation was reflected in the company’s strategic decision-making procedures, namely to construct high-technology machines for processing materials, with a marked focus on our customers’ processing needs. Indeed, CMS has never been a mere supplier, but rather a technological partner that studies the customer’s processes in order to provide a machine ‘perfectly’ tailored to even the most advanced production needs.                                                               Over the years, and in keeping with its vocation, CMS has diversified its business activities, and has entered sectors dedicated to processing a variety of materials such as composites, glass, stone, metal and plastic. This evolution came about thanks to major technological innovations; and also following takeovers of premium companies in the various sectors of interest. This constant growth has been strengthened by membership of the Scm Group. While leaving intact the ‘DNA’ that makes CMS its technological partner of excellence, the Group coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial excellences − with a broad international outreach and penetration, and with a marked capacity for investment research and development.

CMS Glass Technology came into possession of the technological heritage of Brembana and Tecnocut. These longstanding companies within their sectors were most welcome additions to the world of CMS. Thanks to the traditions and experience that went into these brands and CMS’s own know-how, acquired over many years, the brand is now a leader in the sector of glass-processing machines. It provides all-round, technologically advanced solutions for customers seeking maximum productivity and precision

CMS Glass Technology manufactures:

  • 3, 4 or 5 axes CNC machining centres
  • Vertical machining centres and CNC drilling machines
  • Complete waterjet cutting systems
  • Double-edging machines (flat or pencil edge)
  • Cutting tables

The CMS CNC machining centres Brembana Speed 13, Brembana Speed and Brembana Maxima are equipped with 3, 4 and 5 interpolated axes and allow the machining of thin and high-thickness flat glass sheets and curved glass. They can carry out all types of edge grinding and polishing, arrising, milling, cutting with disk, drilling, contouring, engraving, writing, variable-angle bevelling operations and also special machining interventions.
The CMS machining centres can be fitted with a separate-supports made of concrete or steel (opt) with a Z axis from 600 mm up to 2000 mm to carry out exclusive machining operations such as safety glass and special bullet-proof glass. It is also available the twin version with double work surface.

The Brembana Profile CNC vertical modular machining centre, according to the chosen configuration, performs arrising, polishing and industrial grinding, milling and coaxial drilling operations. Available in different sizes, it enables working small- and large-sized sheets up to a maximum of 7500x3300 mm (other maximum workable dimensions on request). 
The CNC vertical drilling machine Brembana Vertec allows drilling, countersinking, milling and notching operations on monolithic, laminated and low-e glass. 
CMS vertical machines can be employed as stand-alone machines, in-line or in a double-glazing line.

Brembana Easyline, Brembana Aquatec, Brembana Idroline S and Brembana Milestone S are water jet cuttingsystems – either pure or hydro-abrasive - equipped with 3 or 5 axes for straight and shaped cutting of monolithic, laminated and armoured glass sheets up to 250 mm.
They come complete with ultra-high pressure intensifiers from 30 to 120 HP, 4139 or 6200 bar, with parallel hydraulic cylinders or fully electric.

CMS manufactures flat-edge (Brembana Futura P) and pencil-edge (Brembana Futura T) double-edging machines that enable grinding and polishing operations on glass sheets to obtain the highest machining quality and most efficient productivity.

The CMS cutting tables Brembana Agil and Brembana Runner are characterized by 2 or 3 interpolated axes, for machining straight and shaped flat glass sheets with thickness values from 2 to 25 mm. The Brembana Runner Line version, features a fixed table with conveyor belts and 3 interpolated axes for straight and shaped cutting of flat glass sheets with thickness values from 3 to 19 mm, typically in line with loader and shearing bench.

Thanks to the long-standing leadership in the design and construction of glass machining systems, CMS Brembana Glass Technology offers its customers technical and operational experience, becoming a real partner and ensuring concrete and measurable benefits with solutions based on innovation, reliability and productivity.

Via Petitti, 16 - 20149 Milano - Italy
Phone +39 02-33007032
Fax +39 02-33005630