A Vitrum edition for Lattuada strongly dedicated to news, technology and automation.

Absolute novelty 2019 was the mitering machine model TLR 11 AV C PC, fully automatic and in line with the project Lattuada "cyberAL". Some details:

  • A-WR system: automatic pre-setting and wear compensation procedure of diamond and resin wheels
    (discover all the details, click here)
  • Digital ammeters: beside guaranteeing a fast and accurate measurement of the tools absorption, they indicate the wear status of each polishing wheel, thanks to a sensor installed on the corresponding spindle - they can also be managed directly from the machine's PC
  • Brakes on all polishing spindles for flat edge and arris
  • Motorized glass removal with portable push-button panel
  • PLM IOT i-Like Machines software (Lattuada Industry 4.0 project): it collects the machine‚Äôs data in order to track the usage both from the producer and from the user
  • New progressive lubrication system (discover all the details, click here)

The Lattuada Robotic Solution also generated great interest: composed of two 11-wheels edging machines for the flat edge with arris, dubbing device (model TLR 11 DD PC), a fully automatic glass size reading device and a Kuka robot to connect the two machines.

Watch the video of the line during the exhibition, at a working speed of 5.0 mt/min: click here.

Visit the website dedicated to the made in Lattuada automation:

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To 'pamper' the guests, Lattuada has cooperated with the catering company Debrilla, which every day has prepared fresh products and many delicacies for the visitors.

Lattuada thanks his employees, partners and all the visitors for making this Vitrum edition so positive!


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