Following the request of a large international manufacturer of safety glass of having an identification mark larger than that of 25 mm provided by the portable marking device Fratelli Pezza has been successfully selling for years, the Marker 101T, the R&D department of the Clusone based company has developed a new version of the product that enables to imprint on the surface of glass and mirrors a mark with a diameter of up to 30 mm, ensuring the same quality and sharpness of the standard version M101T.

The new Marker 301T responds to the needs of those companies that are required to comply with the dimensional standards imposed by the regulations or the provisions laid down by their industrial group, or simply those who, through the marking, must convey a large number of information while maintaining high sharpness of each word or number. With a view to continuous updating and improvement of its products, Fratelli Pezza has equipped the device with a new and more sensitive timer that allows the operator to set the duration of the sand jet with a range from 0 to 60 seconds, thus enabling to further optimize the life of the stainless steel masks in which the customer's logo is engraved. Fratelli Pezza product range also includes two automatic marking devices of the Easymarker series, designed to be combined with both vertical and horizontal glass working machines.

30 mm glass marking example

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