The Intermac Press Release about their participation at Glasstec 2016

Duesseldorf, September 20 – 23
Stand Nr: 16B41 Hall: 16

On display in the booth:

  • Genius Comby J-A46 with Genius CT-Red (NEW)
  • Genius CTA
  • Genius RSA + Genius 37 LM
  • Primus 322
  • Master 33.3 work cell with robot (NEW)
  • Master 45.5 (NEW)
  • Busetti F-12
  • Vertmax 2.6 with loader/scanner
  • Diamut area
  • Software area
  • Service area
  • Parts area


Over the last years Intermac has conquered a leading position with its range of cutting solutions. Glasstec 2016 will see the company launching a new line of float glass cutting tables Genius CT-Red. The bridge double guide moving system is the most visible difference in respect with other models of the range. This innovation immediately targets these tables towards the most demanding glass processing companies that require unstoppable work tools able to sustain massive productive loads.

Genius CT-Red also offers a full range of hi-tech optional devices (ie label-printer and low-e removal through tangential wheel) and total integration with automatic loading/unloading systems.

A new technological masterpiece that fuses Italian creativity with hi-end industrial design and mechanical perfection. The machine will be demoing as a smart combination with a laminated table in order to offer a wider idea of the machine potential.

Genius RSA and Genius CTA are classic Intermac float glass tables that offer an excellent price/quality ratio. These machines are positioned at the higher segment of the entry level combining some of the most advanced solutions in this market (ie tempered and rectified pinion and rack) and have the merit to have set a new standard in glass cutting solutions.

Genius 37 LM is a masterpiece of efficiency and flexibility aimed at companies that intend to automate the cutting of laminated glass sheets, granting ease of use and an intuitive approach to the programming of the workings and cover production needs up to 300 m2 per shift.

The movable bridge with measurement register, sliding under the table, allows total access to the work area making it easier to move the glass sheets during the change of working. The sturdy frame of the cutting bridge grants an optimal carrying of the working for all the glass thicknesses.



Since its beginning in 1987, Intermac’s success was tightly bound with the success of its legendary range of work centres, Master.

2016 sees the launch of a new generation of these machines that will reaffirm for years to come the leadership of Intermac in this technology. The most startling innovation of the new range of machines concerns the software: totally developed by BiesseSoft, Biesse Group own software house, bSolid is a truly innovative approach to programming that includes a virtual work centre that can execute all the same operations of the physical machine, allowing total control over the production cycle, drastic reduction of human mistakes, maximum re-use of any work project, thanks to the parametrization of all projects and workings.

The idea of the new Master work centres is to place the machine operator at the centre of the machine design, offering an increase of the comfort and the technology.

To provide a more complete view of the potential of the new Master work centers, one the two machines, the Master 33.3, will be presented integrated with a robot for loading and unloading of the pieces.



Primus 322 is a complete waterjet cutting system with a working area of 3210x2000 mm and equipped with two cutting heads (one 3-axes and one 5-axes). The machine can also perform inclined cuts, bevel edges and countersinks. The patented infinitive rotating C axis allows seamless execution of the most complex cutting schemes. Besides, the machine can also execute two identical pieces at the same time.

Primus is a solution that offers clear advantages for those who deal with specific processes such as glass for appliances, furniture, technical glasses, multilayer laminated glass and gift items. In fact adjusting the cutting speed of the head it’s possible to obtain a quality of the edges that is ready to be sent directly to the tempering furnace, thus cutting production times.



The double edgers line will be represented at Glasstec by a flat edge stand-alone Busetti F Series. These machines have been received by the market with great enthusiasm. The high level of automation and the PC-based numerical control, represent a functional and easy-to-use solution for companies that need to reach higher levels of productivity. Of great interest is the possibility of equipping the machine with automatic preset of the diamond wheels, an operation that traditionally consumes a fair amount of time and, instead, in the new F Series, can be handled automatically by the machine. At Glasstec the machine shall be equipped with a new revolutionary optional device (patent pending) that will change the possible applications of Intermac double edgers.



Another highlight of the Intermac stand at Glasstec 2016 will definitely be the new developments in the vertical machines range, represented by the Vertmax 2.6. This is the most recent arrival in a range of vertical solution which is already a success in the market for some years. These are machines that allow to work on large glass formats still mantaining a reduced footprint. They also offer maximum versatility in the management of just-in-time production.

The machine that will be present at Glasstec maintains the same level of quality finishing and all the advantages of the vertical resolution of previous models, adding an automatic loading system and a scanner that reads the size of the glass, effectively automating the cycle of work of the machine.

The machine will have a new routing glass scrap management that will drastically reduce the machining times needed to reduce the dimensions of the glass scraps (Intermac patent)



Diamut will be present in the stand with a wide range of tools for glass processing, From routers to peripheral wheels. From drill bits to cup wheels. From manual machines, double edgers or CNC processing, whatever machine you are using, Diamut is the solution you are looking for.

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