RCN - re-branding and new positive outlook

Productivity is growing strongly at RCN, with its new company name R.C.N. Solutions Srl.

2016 has been a year of important and significant changes. In the second part of the year, in fact, one of the founding partners of the company – Stefano Ricchi – left the company which is now managed and owned by the other founding partner Elena Calvi.

The company has therefore carried out an internal renovation with regards to company members, as well as a new company image, revision of production and planning of future opportunities. The programme, efforts and aims of the new RCN have already been rewarded by a considerable increase in sales, about 15% higher that in 2015, thus confirming that the decisions made were and are the right ones.

According to RCN, there are a number of similar products on today’s market that do not, the company says, result from its technology developed and consolidated in-house, but on the other hand, products that are aimed at creating confusion and destabilizing the market. These products, coming from companies without the ability to carry out internal renewal and proactive actions, are based on inexperience and are not suitable for today’s market needs and demands. In fact, know-how does no come from a simple machine layout but is the result of years of experience and trials in the field.

RCN, on the other hand, has continue to ‘cultivate’ its technologies for more than 20 years, combining this experience with the ability to listen to clients carefully, working to find production solutions and services for clients in continuous evolution and development.

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