Italian Technology Awards - best students from foreign Universities visit leading-edge Italian Companies

Gimav Companies and their technologies meet with international future managers

ITA – Italian Trade Agency – is organizing another edition of the ITALIAN TECHNOLOGY AWARDS as part of its MACHINES ITALIA Special Technology Project. The goal is to celebrate the technological excellence of the Italian production system as well as its leading role in training and attracting the finest talents from around the world.

GIMAV, the Association of Italian Manufacturers and Suppliers of Machinery, Plants and Systems, Accessories and Special Products for glass processing, is taking part in this initiative in which various Italian players are also involved, among which Federmacchine and LIUC (Carlo Cattaneo University).

The synergy with other countries includes academic institutions as well as professional associations such as SME, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and IoPP, Institute of Packaging Professionals.

Leading U.S. universities took part in the competition, with the students receiving awards in various sectors (Machine Tools, Packaging Technologies and Glass Processing Machinery), for the best project on the use of production technologies in these sectors.

The prize is a one-week stay/study period in Italy and will include visits to some cities in Italy that will allow the students to take home with them proof of the cultural diversity of Italy, various training sessions at Carlo Cattaneo University in Varese, and visits to some of the companies involved in the project during which the technological excellence of each product will be explained.

As regards glass processing machinery, accessories and special products, the companies that will host the students from 20 November to 2 December are OCMI-OTG, Cugher Glass, Fratelli Pezza, Bavelloni and Deltamax.

The ITALIAN TECHNOLOGY AWARDS are therefore an invaluable opportunity for Italian companies to add value to, and promote their assets: practical demonstrations of their technological know-how to establish the first contacts with the managers of the future and to lay the foundations for commercial ties with leading export markets.

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