esaro, 16 March 2017 – Technological solutions increasingly focused on Industry 4.0, that's the main focus of Inside Intermac Glass, the event being hosted from 16 to 18 March at the Tech Center of the Pesaro Headquarters.

For the first time this year, the Openhouse is focusing exclusively on the glass processing industry, our first "Inside". The solutions being presented aim to convert our customer's factories into “real time factories” by using integrated machinery that can optimise production, cut costs and improve the daily work routine for our customers, ushering in the age of "digital manufacturing".

New product features - The new Master Series machining centres have a starring role to play in this revolution, alongside the new technology being unveiled for the first time at Inside Intermac Glass. The entire range of Master machining centres features the new Helix System, an innovation developed by a team of experts from Diamut and Intermac: the perfect blend of hardware and software. By pairing the CNC machines with the Diamut Helix boring tool, the limits to traditional systems are abolished and a single tool handles boring, grinding, and countersinking for glass panels measuring up to 19 mm.

Through live demos, Inside Intermac offers a look at the newest cutting systems in the Genius range as well as Waterjet technology installed on the Primus range (creating a new version, the Primus 402), products designed to adapt to the evolving materials and new applications dictated by market demand. The bilateral grinding systems used on the Busetti F Series range have evolved to provide a smart solution that can regulate itself autonomously by integrating with the software.

The list of "4.0 ready" solutions on display is completed by the Vertmax vertical machining centres, which can be paired with the V-Loader loading device and offer the perfect balance of quality, productivity and flexibility needed in a glass processing factory.

Software - The solutions offered by Intermac ensure greater safety and transparency throughout the production process, by integrating with smart software that can calculate production times in advance and optimise spaces to adjust for format changes, minimising operator intervention. iCam is an extremely robust and reliable programming software that combines ease of use and elevated performance, while bSolid is completely parametric CAD CAM software that allows for any type of machining to be handled: thanks to a wide range of functions dedicated to vertical machining centres, the software brings sophisticated features within reach of less skilled users.

Intermac Parts – Given that the event is also a chance to meet with highly qualified individuals, the showroom will include an area dedicated to the Intermac Parts team who are called upon daily to respond to our customers all over the world in the shortest time possible.

Diamut – Biesse Group's tooling division is presenting its new range of KCX drills at Inside Intermac Glass. The aluminium body keeps rust from forming even in the harshest conditions, guaranteeing unparalleled sharpness and finishing.

Extra activities – Inside Intermac Glass also offers a chance to participate in manufacturing tours and extra activities. The “Kaizen tour” to see how "lean thinking" applies to factory production and even a chance to visit the headquarters of Diamut's tooling division in Lugo.

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