“The market is moving more and more towards insulating glass with higher quality, as well as large sizes. For this reason, we needed a company that wanted to work with us as a partner, creating for us a particular machine, completely new to the market, able to offer high-tech and high-quality products, while guaranteeing high productivity. And with Forel we found this company.”

These are the comments from Roberto Arias, Marketing Manager at Tvitec, on the conclusion of the project that led to a new Jumbo line for insulating glass, aimed at the production of glass for façades and special glass types, with particular and dedicated requirements and construction features. The result of this project is a line from Forel with exceptional performance and features in terms of weight , thicknesses and nonplanarity of the processed glass sheets, aligned or stepped.

“The Tvitec-Forel line can process some of the largest sizes of IG glass requested by today’s market,” explains Stefano Salvian, Sales Director of Forel “The design of the line involved commitment and skills. We had to take into consideration aspects that in the past were almost marginal, such as nonplanarity, which, for extremely large-sized glass sheets can be really important. The result is a line able to adapt itself to glass sheets that are not perfectly flat – and we are talking about centimeters here – with features that are completely different from other lines, with regards to size, accuracy and types of processes carried out.”

This important project took almost two years to be completed – in 2017 – with the delivery of the new Forel “No Limits” Jumbo line at Tvitec’s factory in Ponferrada (Castilla-Leon), northern Spain.

Made up of a loading area, coating removal, washing machine, inspection and frame mounting, glass turning section (180°), assembling press with gas filling (argon and krypton) and automatic sealer, the line was designed and built following a precise list of aims to be achieved:

  • processing single glass sheet up to 40-millimetres thickness, and insulating glass up to 100 millimeters. This, in turn, requires load capacity of finished products of up to 550 kilos per linear metre
  • structural stepped units with vertical offset up to 250 millimetres and leading horizontal offset up to 1.000 millimetres
  • processing of bowed glass up to 2,5 millimetres per linear metre (15 millimetres on 6 meters glass length)
  • sealing flexibility to use three different materials, and with high continuous material flow rate of 4 l/min
  • stepped unit assembling with the smaller glass in the front
  • dedicated glass unloading section.


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