The first months of 2018 confirmed that the glass sector thinks big.

Sales record for MISTRAL 260EV, the biggest model of Fratelli Pezza product range.

Mistral 260EV has been primarily chosen by companies that process large-sized glass sheets, mainly working in the modern building sector for the construction of facades, partitions and parapets.

Customers can take advantage of the great operational versatility of the machine and its special functions, such as shading and zonal sandblasting, to create very special surface effects that distinguish the final product from others available on the market.

The Mistral EV series, which also consists of the Mistral 180EV and Mistral 120EV models, is characterized by a high efficiency filtration system, with automatic separation of the powders from the abrasive material, which does not require additional filtration units such as the cyclone separator.

The Mistral EV sandblasters are also equipped with a revolutionary system that limits the accumulation of static electricity in the cabin, a phenomenon that occurs especially during the sandblasting on mirrors.

The robustness and the particular construction of the Mistral 260EV allow the customer to work very heavy glass sheets with a thickness up to 50 mm.

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