From May 9th to 12th 2018, Italy’s superior state-of-the-art Flat and Hollow Glass processing machinery will be on display in São Paulo

It is Latin American’s leading biennial trade show for the world of glass, and this year marks its 13th edition. May 9-12, 2018, Glass South America will host the best the international glass processing design and technology industry has to offer at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in São Paulo, Brazil.

Representing Italian glass industry excellence, the delegation led by GIMAV, in partnership with ITA (Italian Trade Agency), validates Italy’s dynamic, high-level participation in this overseas trade show. As at the last edition in 2016, 15 GIMAV-member companies, occupying more than 400 sqm of exhibit space in the Italy Pavilion, will display the industry’s top technologies for the primarily North and South American visitors.

“For Italy’s Flat Glass and Hollow Glass sectors, South America and, especially Brazil, are strategic markets in which we have long been invested, despite the volatile economic and political situations that have troubled the area in recent years. Our perceptive business leaders were able to see beyond the difficulties and now, the loosening of the recession and Brazil’s albeit moderate economic recovery translate to encouraging margins, also thanks to the introduction of structural reforms that pave the way for future optimism”.

Laura Biason, director of GIMAV, confirms what the Association’s Study Center has recorded over the last 12 months. “In terms of turnover - emphasizes Biason - South America is clearly in recovery, with more than 22% growth compared to 2015 and a 7.5% share of the total”.

Regarding exports, Brazil is currently positioned in 12th place in the ranking of the 15 top destination countries for Italian glass processing machinery, systems and products, bringing its overall share to more than 2.4%. If, however, for Flat Glass there is still a slight drop compared to previous surveys, with a share of turnover of -2.9% compared to 2015, Hollow Glass finds itself in a more encouraging upswing that sees Brazil powering its way into the ranking of the primary destination countries, climbing from 29th to 13th place in just one year, with a 2.13% share of total Italian Hollow glass exports.


Gimav member-companies at Glass South America 2018

The interactive map of all GIMAV members participating in Glass South America 2018 can be found at 


Adelio Lattuada (stand 678)

Adelio Lattuada celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The company specializes primarily in flat glass grinding machines (vertical edgers, double-edgers and bevellers) and washing machines. Corner processing machines and horizontal drilling machines complete the range.

The Adelio Lattuada staff invites you to visit their stand at the show to explore the “Lattuada Robotic Solution”, an innovative, flexible, high-performance robotic application for Adelio Lattuada vertical edging machines.


Bovone Elettromeccanica (stand 682)

In response to market needs and to the demand for more automation and increasing productivity, Elettromeccanica Bovone Srl has expanded its product range to include robotized systems. The robots can be provided stand-alone, applied to existing edgers, or sold as custom-designed islands with two machines and two robots, as required to meet customer needs. Bovone has filed an international patent application for this product.


CMS (stand 680)

CMS Glass Technology presents a complete range of flexible, customizable glass processing machines, including 3-4-5 axis CNC work centers, double-edgers for flat and pencil edge, cutting tables and lines, vertical CNC machines and water-jet cutting systems. The CMS product line is constantly evolving in order to reach ever-higher levels of performance, functionality, reliability and working life, to meet every glass processing requirement.


Cugher Glass (stand 681)

Cugher Glass specializes in producing turnkey screen printing lines for glass processing. Visitors to its stand at Glass South America 2018 will be able to see video demonstrations of the DLE print line, capable of printing two glass sheets at the same time, managing extremely asymmetrical shapes with very fast format changes. Print repeatability precision of less than 0.08 mm and short cycle time (6 to 15 seconds) are just two of the many advantages able to ensure higher quality in less time.


Fenzi (stand 683)

At Glass South America 2018, the Fenzi Group rolls out the most state-of-the-art solutions in the area of chemicals for flat glass processing. Showcased at its stand will be the Group’s top products: Fenzi sealants and Alu Pro and Rolltech warm edge spacers and decorative glass paints suited to all types of applications (architecture, design, home appliance, automotive, glass packaging), the broadest range of protective coatings for mirrors and the innovative technology for digital printing on glass developed by Tecglass.


Forel (stand 679)

For Forel, Glass South America 2018 is a valuable opportunity to show visitors its latest innovations, especially in insulating glass production. The spotlight is focused on the cutting-edge technologies implemented in its flat plate coupling press with automatic gas filling system, designed to achieve superior results even with glass that is not perfectly aligned; in the glass inspections stations, to ensure efficient monitoring of production; in applicators of flexible spacers, to automate and optimize the process; in the high-performance sealing robot for assembling high-quality IG units quickly, and many other solutions. Forel lines also offer excellent performance in offsets and triple glazing production and are ideal for IG units intended for industrial refrigeration.


Helios Quartz (stand 685)

At Glass South America 2018, Helios Quartz will display its latest innovations in infrared and ultraviolet technology for the glass industry. Among this year’s highlights are the new Fully Automatic TIN Detector - Compact version, developed to detect the tin side of glass to ensure that processing is carried out on the “air side”, and the Fast Medium Wave and Medium Wave Medium Speed emitters for screen-printing and digital printing applications on glass.


Macotec (stand 686)

Cutting lines and loading systems is a word-pair increasingly inseparable for glass manufacturers. Macotec closes the gap by offering automatic systems (Dynamic series) for warehousing, management and automatic loading of glass sheets closely linked to cutting: selective loaders, shuttle systems with mobile frames and the recently-launched overhead crane with mobile arms that can fly above the warehouse racks, thus reducing loading times. In addition to innovating in terms of performance, functionality and technology, all of these systems are flawlessly integrated with the cutting lines, which are the “brains”, while the loading devices are the “workers”, allowing operators to work comfortably and manage the entire system from their work station. All of these types of systems can be provided both for small sheets 3.700x2.600 mm (or smaller glass formats) and for jumbo sheets (6.000x3.210 mm) and in different configurations, to better adapt to the customers’ logistics.


Mappi International (stand 687)

Since 1993, Mappi International has designed and manufactured high-quality tempering systems for the glass industry. More than 300 plants installed all over the world testify to the steady growth, major investments, uncompromising quality and attention the company focuses on the specific needs of each and every customer. The culmination of all this is the new ATS 4.0, capable of providing an evolutionary leap to the economy of a modern glassworks.


Mole Moreschi (stand 677)

Mole Moreschi has a unique and unequaled legacy of know-how and hands-on experience in the production of diamond wheels and tools for glass processing, the result of 90 years of exclusive specialization. It was the first to develop resin wheels. Today the company manufactures the entire range of traditional and special tools for the glass industry, offering the utmost in quality.


Rollmac (stand 684)

A division of Gemata Spa, Rollmac participates in Glass South America 2018 with its MultiGlass 1800 roller machine. The MultiGlass 1800 uses an engraved cylinder to enamel, paint and print designs on glass sheets. The MultiGlass technology is quite flexible. With special modifications or setting changes, it is possible to use special paints and products intended to lend the sheet particular properties. Uniformity and evenness of enamel application are of prime importance, avoiding excess deposit, areas with insufficient or no deposit, drops and traces of paint on sheet edges. The machine will be in operation at the show with practical demonstrations and painting tests. Yes, not just enameling.


Schiatti (stand 688)

Active in the glass processing machinery industry for more than 65 years, Schiatti Angelo Srl is the ideal partner for small, medium and large-sized companies. At Glass South America 2018, Schiatti will exhibit the FPS15S9 straight-line edger, emblematic of the corporate philosophy of: “tradition, experience and innovation”.


Skill Glass (stand 676)

Skill Glass presents the E-D 101, a new vertical work center that combines several kinds of processes in a single system. The E-D 101 makes it possible to carry out edging, polishing, drilling and milling operations with the utmost precision and at high speed on sheets of flat glass. A single machine combines the features of a vertical edger with all the technology of drilling with opposing heads. The machine’s management and control software is easy and intuitive, ensuring seamless interface with the glass manufacturer’s computer systems.


TK (stand 689)

TK launches the new premium-quality, easily-available Eva for laminating glass for construction and decorative use, combining high-quality raw materials, state-of-the-art systems and an operating group with years of solid experience in glass processing. Everything to support the success of its customers.


Gimav (stand 675)

Visitors to the Association stand will be able to consult and receive free of charge the latest edition of the catalog of GIMAV members. This valuable tool - indexed by sector, product type and company name - provides a complete and updated overview of the companies that represent industry excellence. The catalog is available in print version and on USB flash drive.


Vitrum (stand 675)

Vitrum 2019 will make its second official presentation on the international stage at the São Paulo trade show. The 21st edition of Italy’s International Glass Show, set to take place October 1-4, 2019 at Fiera Milano Rho, is already tuned-in to innovation, starting with the 12 “Vitrum Specialized” themed pathways with their own immediately-recognizable logos, which will bring greater visibility to exhibitors at the show and allow visitors to easily plan their itineraries for stand visits. At the Glass South America stand, the Vitrum staff will be available to answer questions and provide information about the 2019 show. 

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