In Moscow, May 28-31, 2018, the spotlight will be focused on the Italian delegation, coordinated by the Association of Italian manufacturers of machinery, plants and systems, special products and accessories for Flat and Hollow Glass processing

Mir Stekla, a strategic event for Russia’s glass industry, celebrates its 20th edition this year. GIMAV member companies will be on hand May 28-31, 2018 at Moscow’s Expocentre, where they will display Italy’s best in technologies, machinery, systems and accessories for Flat and Hollow Glass processing.

At its last edition, Mir Stekla hosted nearly 200 companies from 20 countries around the world and about 8,000 visitors in an area measuring 11,500 m2. For the 2018 edition, in an approx. 140 m2 exhibit area, ten Italian brands, under the GIMAV banner and with the support of ITA (Italian Trade Agency), will showcase Italian excellence in glass processing technology.

“Russia’s economy – remarks GIMAV Director Laura Biason – has had its ups and downs. The drop in oil prices, with the ensuing devaluation of the ruble and geopolitical tensions have weighed heavily on its economy. But now, after almost two consecutive years of recession, it seems the country is beginning to recover. And the effects of this growth are being felt in our industry as well. In a single year, the Russian market has climbed from 20th to 10th position in the ranking of our top destination countries, and now stands at 2.52%, double its share in 2015”.

For GIMAV member companies, the rise of Russia’s market in the ranking of major foreign customers is reflected in both the Flat Glass (now in 27th position, compared to 38th in previous surveys) and Hollow Glass sectors.
“For hollow glass in particular – points out Biason – Russia, as an importer of Italian machinery, ranks 9th globally: a significant rise, especially considering the steep contraction in 2015, when the country dropped from 2nd to 15th place”. In all of this, however, we must keep in mind the perception of member companies that, based on the latest survey by the GIMAV Study Center for 2017, gauges the Russian market as still rather critical in terms of expected imports.


GIMAV member companies at Mir Stekla 2018

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Antonini (stand 21B40)

For Antonini Srl, Mir Stekla is always a crucial, not-to-be-missed event. Again this year, the company will highlight its core business: glass annealing and decoration lehrs, all capable of ensuring high performance and low energy consumption. Another exceptional item is its new quick-assembly burner model. The company will also feature its new single and double axis hot and cold treatment systems.


Colorobbia (stand 21B46)

In addition to its solutions for turnkey plants for the production of hollow glass, crystal and special glass, Colorobbia Consulting will showcase its innovative, high-level solutions for reducing emissions (NOx - SOx - CO2) into the atmosphere. An array of technical solutions aimed at achieving ever-lower emission reduction targets will be on display at Mir Stekla. It will also introduce a recent system for the application of titanium dioxide-based nanoparticle coatings that can be activated in the visible light range, for use in interior and exterior glass covering/cladding applications.


Fenzi – Alu Pro (stand 21B22)

The Fenzi Group plans to take its most high-tech solutions for the international glass industry to Mir Stekla 2018. Center stage will be Fenzi sealants and Alu Pro and Rolltech warm edge spacers for high-performance insulating glass, alongside the innovative Multitech range, a complete line of rigid spacers that ensures the best thermal performance available today and also produced in Russia since 2018. In addition, the Group will showcase its other top products: decorative glass paints suited to all types of applications, the broadest range of protective mirror coatings, and Tecglass’ innovative technology for digital printing on glass.


Glass Service (stand 21B26)

Glass Service Srl has further strengthened its market presence with a major turnkey project for a glass container production line in Africa - from batch plant to cold end - with a capacity of about 100 tpd, and a subsequent order for the supply of a batch plant and a regenerative furnace, both for container production, with a capacity of 150 tpd. Glass Service has also increased its brand presence in Owens, Illinois (USA), with the recent supply of additional combustion systems for forehearth and distributor control. The company also supplies furnace and forehearth components, like combustion systems, coloring forehearths, stirrers, boosters, etc.


Italcarrelli (stand 21B50)

Italcarrelli is a world leader in the design and construction of special machines and solutions for the storage and handling of goods. With years of experience in the glass industry, the company has gained extensive expertise and its investments in research into innovative solutions have made it a key supplier of products to the top glass manufacturers around the world. Products: platform transporters, inloader transporters, multidirectional side-loaders, special glass handling equipment and trucks for glass handling inside closed-top containers.


Olivotto (stand 21B20)

At Mir Stekla, Olivotto Glass Technologies will focus on its latest generation of sealing machines for the production of high-quality stemware and on its neutral borosilicate glass tubing lines for pharmaceutical packaging. Its high-tech presses will also be on display, with the latest developments in press-and-blow molding machines, high-speed spinning machines, tubing and technical glass production lines and complete stemware lines. Among its latest innovations, the fully-automated line for stemware and tumbler packaging.


Optima (stand 21B42)

In Moscow, Optima will display its premier innovation, a complete production system with integrated management that covers all the sheet-loading phases, with related loading and warehousing, dynamic cutting optimization, automatic breakout and transfer to other sorting systems, with monitoring of production times and immediate re-optimization of any breakage.


Pneumofore (stand 21B44)

As a global leader in vacuum and compressed air systems for glass production, at Mir Stekla, Pneumofore will introduce its latest innovations for the glass industry, including the UV24 vacuum pump, designed to meet the specific vacuum levels required by IS machines; UV100, the largest single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump available in the world; and the 315 kW A400 air compressor for pressures from 2.5 to 10 bar(g). The company designs and manufactures rotary vane products and offers services for glassworks seeking excellent reliability, low life-cycle cost and superior energy savings.


GIMAV (stand 21B24)

Visitors to the Association stand at Mir Stekla will be able to consult and receive the latest edition of the catalog of GIMAV members, free of charge. This valuable tool - indexed by sector, product type and company name - provides a complete and updated overview of the companies that represent industry excellence. The catalog is available in a print version and on USB flash drive.


Vitrum (stand 21B24)

Vitrum 2019 will make its third official presentation on the international stage at Mir Stekla in Moscow. The 21st edition, set to take place October 1-4, 2019 at Fiera Milano Rho, is already focused on innovation. Outstanding among these is the 12 “Vitrum Specialized” themed pathways with their own immediately-recognizable logos, which will bring added visibility to exhibitors at the show and allow visitors to easily and quickly plan their show itineraries. The Vitrum staff will be available at the Mir Stekla stand to answer questions and provide information about the 2019 show.

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