Gimav members roll out their quintessential industrial glass-processing solutions for the American market.

Everything is ready for the glass industry’s number-one North American event, slated to take place in Las Vegas September 12-14.
Sponsored by the National Glass Association, the Glass, Window & Door Expo is now in its 16th year. As always, in even-numbered years, the show is hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, where 450 glass industry businesses will display their best products over a surface area of 50,000 square meters of exhibit space.

Thirteen Italian companies will participate, introducing their top Italian-made glass-processing products to the North American market.

The group stand, organized by Gimav in partnership with ITA (Italian Trade Agency), will occupy an area of 714 m2, 100 more than at the previous Las Vegas edition, held in 2016.

The most innovative products and latest trends, solutions and applications, including plants and fully-operational machines, will be on display for visitors to GlassBuild America.

Italy’s industrial glass processing machinery has consistently been recognized for its robust exports, which account for more than 75% of overall revenue, based on GIMAV Study Center figures.

As indicated by the data from our Study Center, the United States stands out again this year as the number-one customer of Italian glass-processing technology,” states GIMAV Director Laura Biason. “The Italian Group Stand in Las Vegas aims to uphold our industry’s leadership position in terms of innovation, quality, customization and after-sales service” she continues. 

GIMAV member-companies at GlassBuild America 2018

The interactive map of all GIMAV members participating in GlassBuild America 2018 can be found at 

Adelio Lattuada (stand 2363)
Major anniversaries occurring in 2018: Lattuada North America celebrates its 1st year of business and Adelio Lattuada Srl celebrates the 40th anniversary of its founding. A 10-wheel edger and a vertical washer will be on display at the stand. Adelio Lattuada invites visitors to stop in and discover the Lattuada Robotic Solution: an innovative, flexible and high-performance robotic application for its vertical edgers. Some key features include: automatic and integrated on-line glass measurement, automatic adjustment of working speed based on glass size, continuous production for higher productivity and the possibility to rotate the glass 90° or 180°.

ADI (stand 2163)
In addition to the wide range of diamond and polishing tools, coolant and other accessories displayed at the booth, this year ADI/IGP will host the innovative, patented Scratch Removal System by GLASSRENU.
This system, which works completely dry, generates tremendous cost savings as it allows users to completely repair damaged surfaces on all types of glass, thereby eliminating the need for and expense of re-manufacturing the scratched piece.

Bottero (stand 2173)
Since 1957, the year it was founded, Bottero has specialized in the production of glass processing machinery and is one of the world’s largest equipment manufacturers, serving the flat glass, hollow glass and special equipment industries.
The company’s consistent attention to detail and comprehensive product range are guaranteed to satisfy its customers’ every need – from float glass lines to cutting tables with a wide range of automatic loading options, to glass grinding and drilling solutions, high volume laminated lines and high-speed bottle manufacturing machinery.

Cugher (stand 2263A)
Cugher Glass will display its products at Glass Build America again this year. The company will showcase the most advanced technology applied to silk screen printing, a technique widely used in the production of glass for household appliances, architectural and automotive applications. Visitors will be amazed to see how sophisticated this ancient technique has become, thanks to the research and development breakthroughs developed by Cugher Glass. 

Elettromeccanica Bovone (stand 2574)
In response to market needs and to the demand for more automation and increasing productivity, Elettromeccanica Bovone Srl has expanded its product range to include BRS robotic systems. The robots can be provided stand-alone, fitted to existing edgers or sold as custom-designed islands with two machines and two robots, depending on customer needs. Bovone has filed an international patent application for this product.

Macotec (stand 2563)
Cutting lines and loading systems are ‘must-haves’ for modern glass manufacturers looking to gain a competitive edge. Macotec satisfies these requirements by offering automatic systems (Dynamic series) for warehousing, management and automatic loading and cutting of glass sheets: selective ground loaders, shuttle systems with mobile frames and the recently-launched overhead aerial crane with mobile arms that can fly above the warehouse racks, thus reducing loading times. Besides being designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, all these loading machines are fully-integrated with the cutting lines – “cutting” is the master and “loading” is the slave, making the operator’s work easy and smooth.

Mappi (stand 2263)
Since 1993, Mappi International has designed and manufactured high-quality tempering systems for the glass industry. More than 300 plants installed all over the world testify to the steady growth, major investments, uncompromising quality and attention the company focuses on the specific needs of each and every customer. The culmination of all this is the new ATS 4.0, capable of providing an evolutionary leap to the economy of a modern glassworks.

Mole Moreschi (stand 2569)
Mole Moreschi has a unique and unequaled legacy of know-how and hands-on experience in the production of diamond wheels and tools for glass processing, the result of 90 years of exclusive specialization. The absolute first to develop resin wheels, today the company manufactures the entire range of traditional and special tools for the glass industry, offering the utmost in choice and quality.

Optima (stand 2269)
At the Las Vegas expo, Optima will introduce a highly-innovative complete production system for integrated management – from sheet loading and storing, to dynamic cutting optimization, automatic breakout and transfer to other sorting systems, complete with production-time monitoring and immediate re-optimization of any breakage.

Schiatti Angelo (stand 2663)
Active in the glass processing machinery industry for more than 65 years, Schiatti Angelo Srl is the ideal partner for small, medium and large-sized companies. At GlassBuild America 2018, Schiatti is promoting its SME10B mitering edger, equipped with a new PLC – perfectly in keeping with the company’s philosophy of “Tradition, Experience and Innovation”. 

Star (stand 2169)
STAR uses its expertise, experience and a proactive mindset to create turnkey solutions designed to improve capability, flexibility and productivity by extensively employing the most advanced technologies in laminated, tempered and value-added processes developed through its technologies and proprietary solutions. More than 1,000 “missions accomplished” in 26 countries around the world are the best references, tangible proof of Star’s capabilities.

TK (stand 2469)
Heat soak testing of glass is becoming more and more relevant every day. NiS inclusions in glass can cause spontaneous breakage of glass sheets after tempering. To minimize the risk of breakage, the heat-treated glass can be subjected to heat soak testing. This process is increasingly in demand for structural glass and it ensures the reliability and long-life of tempered glass. The TK oven complies with the EN 14179 -1 European standard; for more information, please visit the TK stand at GlassBuild America.

Triulzi Cesare Special Equipments (stand 2562)
Triulzi Cesare Special Equipments Srl will introduce its line of washing machines and washing systems at GBA, including an innovative range of products for ultra-thin glass for high-tech devices. Thanks to the experience that has always been an asset in the design of special and customized systems, the company offers new solutions for integrating high-flexibility with speed of operation in its machines for the construction, furniture, automotive and solar sectors.

GIMAV (stand 2463)
Visitors to the Association stand at GlassBuild America will be able to consult and receive the latest edition of the catalog of GIMAV members free of charge. This valuable tool – indexed by sector, product type and company name – provides a complete and updated overview of the companies that represent industry excellence. The catalog is available in print version and on USB flash drive.

Vitrum (stand 2463)
Making its official presentation in the United States, Vitrum 2019 will also be on hand at the Las Vegas trade show. The 21st edition of Italy’s International Glass Show, set to take place October 1-4, 2019 at Fiera Milano Rho, is already innovation-forward. Topping the list are the 12 “Vitrum Specialized” themed pathways with their own immediately-recognizable logos, which will bring greater visibility to exhibitors at the show and allow visitors to easily plan their itineraries for stand visits. Vitrum staff will be available at the GlassBuild America stand to answer questions and provide information about the 2019 show.

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