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R.O. Srl

R.O., acronym of Operations Research, is an italian company specialized on resource optimization, a practical application of the Operations Research, which since 1984 deals on subjects concerning the glass cutting.

Some historical signs:

The basis of the company are founded on a software created in 1981 which although the technical limits of that times it reached excellent results on scrap reduction of glass machining.

The continuous research of R.O. on always creating more efficients algorithms has generated interests and agreements towards the company cause in addition to saving material and “machine time”, ease of use and the conformity to the current software standards has been taken in seriously consideration.

On December 1995 Perfect Cut the glass cutting optimizer, was born and has partnered with the Copmes company , leader in the sector at that time. This partnership allows R.O to improve the product, achieve a specific CAD for Glass environment and develope independently other software products for the Glassmaker (Labels Management, Complete Company Management, the Production Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring). After the collaboration with Copmes ended on September 1998, R.O. opens to other collaborations with cutting tables builders companies (Intermac, Forel, Valmac, CSM, Italiana Macchine) in addition to companies that works on machines support for the Glassmaker.

In 2000 achieved the application software Perfect GePro for the Production Planning,Scheduling and Monitoring integrated with the management software Perfect GEA. In 2015 develops the ERP on SQL SERVER environment.

Since 2000 R.O. acquires other Customers between the cutting tables builders such as GFP, Macotec, OCS, CMS, Ersan, Erenmac, L.I.V.A. Moreover develops a collaboration with ISAC, a numerical control supplier.

In 2017 established a particular synergy with the australian company SPIL, an ERP developer with which R.O. had signed a joint ventures.

In 2019 counts more than 5000 Glassmakers as final customers in all over the world.

Via Petitti, 16 - 20149 Milano - Italy
Phone +39 02-33007032
Fax +39 02-33005630