Il meglio delle tecnologie italiane per la lavorazione del vetro presente all’appuntamento di Shanghai.

Dal 6 al 9 maggio 2021, lo Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) di Shanghai farà da palcoscenico alla nuova edizione di China Glass, la manifestazione di riferimento nel panorama asiatico per il Settore dei macchinari e accessori per il vetro piano, cavo e per i prodotti finiti.


In October, after considerable debate among the membership and the Governing Bodies, GIMAV went public with the position expressed by a majority of its member companies to not participate in GLASSTEC 2021.

The publication certainly achieved the desired results: getting everyone talking – domestic and international businesses, the trade press and trade associations as well as international trade show organizers. There were even some public reactions to the GIMAV decision – of surprise, approval and, in some cases, candid criticism.

With year-end upon us and thanks to some member suggestions, GIMAV felt the need to once again air the position upheld in October, this time through a new medium. They decided to film video interviews on the topic of VITRUM. The first to be invited were GIMAV Board members and representatives of the companies involved in the debate from the moment the news about the postponement of GLASSTEC to 2021 became known.

Three questions were asked during brief interviews. The respondents were free to articulate their answers based on their own sentiments. All of the responses were then combined into video recaps.

“First, we asked the companies to list the reasons why they decided to exhibit at VITRUM next Fall, especially in such uncertain times,” explains GIMAV Director, Fabrizio Cattaneo, who was present in person at all the recordings. “Second, we asked them to underscore the main reason they preferred to invest in VITRUM rather than in any other international trade show. Third, we asked the companies how they would describe their participation in VITRUM 2021… and received some very interesting ‘teasers’ that led us to believe the Show will be filled with technology and innovation.”

The companies involved in these first videos were trailblazers and, no doubt, many others could identify with the message and want their own voices to be heard. Which is why we then invited all of our members to participate.

“We are delighted; these videos demonstrate a robust bond with VITRUM, and a common vision that 2021 will be the relaunch edition,” continued Fabrizio Cattaneo. “Since it will take place in the second half of the year, there is widespread optimism that VITRUM will be able to occur, so to speak, in a normal way; that is, without any postponements or cancellations. And the companies seem to say VITRUM will open the door to jump-starting the sector – the trade show that manufacturers have chosen to showcase their machines and the stage upon which to launch their products.

Innovation, technology, a deeply felt decision and the desire to take their chances with VITRUM 2021, this is what is expected from the exhibition that spotlights products of excellence. Not surprisingly, most of them are Italian.”

This video project, warmly received by GIMAV members, is one that should be spread far and wide, publicized and shared using all the tools available to reach the broadest possible audience.

To reiterate, together and out loud, that “we’ll see you at VITRUM” in October 2021.

pdf CS GIMAV 08 2020 IT (220 KB)

pdf CS GIMAV 08 2020 GB (224 KB)


We inform that GIMAV offices will be closed on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th December for holidays.


Rassegna stampa 6 novembre 2020

E' in linea l'estratto della Rassegna stampa del 6 novembre 2020.


Forel Press Release - The new Forel company video is online

The new Forel Company Video “FOREL 2020” is online. With this new media content, the italian brand of machinery for flat glass processing communicates its approach to this year challenges. 2020, indeed, will remain in history as one of the most divisive years for the whole world. Many things have changed, some forever. For a company, every year brings new challenges, which can be beaten by bringing in new ideas. Some years are more demanding than others, but there is only one way to keep moving forwards: relaunching the company.


We inform that GIMAV Offices will be closed for summer holiday from 10th to 21st August.


Nicola Lattuada (ADELIO LATTUADA Srl) and Nancy Mammaro (MAPPI INTERNATIONAL Srl) confirmed as Vice Presidents; Cinzia Schiatti (OFFICINA MECCANICA SCHIATTI ANGELO Srl) named Treasurer.


Glass processing technologies enjoyed a positive 2019; especially brilliant for hollow glass. Expectations ran high for 2020 and then, the COVID-19 pandemic re-wrote the script. For now, reliable forecasting is impossible.



Glass processing technologies enjoyed a positive 2019; especially brilliant for hollow glass. Expectations ran high for 2020 and then, the COVID-19 pandemic re-wrote the script. For now, reliable forecasting is impossible


The Association’s newly-elected team of leaders for the next biennium; presentation of the new visual identity for GIMAV and VITRUM. Discussions with association members clearly indicate how crucial the international trade show hosted by Fiera Milano is and the desire to “make it a great edition” in 2021.

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