Fifty-four companies, more than 10,000 square meters, two different pavilions. These are the key numbers for Gimav member participation in Glasstec 2016. From September 20th to 23rd, the leading Italian manufacturers of machinery, accessories and special products for glass will participate in this year’s industry trade show of choice.

The Italian contingent will exhibit in pavilions 16 and 13 – pavilion 16 will be dedicated entirely to the world of at glass and accessories and pavilion 13 to hollow glass, with the top-of-the-line Italian products. The Düsseldorf event will allow Italy’s glass machinery industry to showcase its newest products, top trends and most innovative applications for the international market.

For our member companies, fresh from a brilliant 2015 (confirmed by data from the Gimav Study Center), Glasstec promises to be the ideal platform for spotlighting the spectacular performance feats achieved by their products. The Italian businesses aim to differentiate and promote their cutting-edge product lines, emphasizing their ongoing quest for innovation and how this leads to qualitative excellence and, at the same time, heretofore unimaginable cost efficiencies.

Italian companies are also dependable partners for an international customer base that relies on Made-in-Italy products thanks, in part, to the “unlimited” customization options they offer, engineered to meet the most diverse needs. This flexibility is informed by the natural tendency of Italian businesses to listen, compare notes and work with their customers.
Gimav member companies are delighted and gratified to participate in Glasstec with their flagship products.

An impressive array of innovative products will be launched at the German show.

ADI (pav. 16 - D19) will bring its new UHS bonds for automotive glass and its new patents: the latest generation of resin and resin-metal bonded wheels, the new WET seaming wheel system and the one-step router for the mass production of shower doors on CNC machines.

Bovone Diamond Tools (pav. 16 - C18) rolls out its new CD and SD cup polishing wheels for arris that t any machine and allow arris processing with or without diamond wheel.

Helios Quartz (pav. 16 - D03) will display its latest innovations in infrared and ultraviolet technology engineered for the glass industry. Among the star players is the Fully Automatic Tin Detector, developed to detect the tin side of the glass so operators can be sure that all their work is carried out on the “air side”.

Bavelloni (pav. 16 - A51-59) will introduce the HE500 double edger with a new feature that sharply reduces set-up times, and the CNC working center with new automated solutions to increase machine productivity.
BRS robotic islands, 12HS edgers integrated with robots will be on display at the Elettromeccanica Bovone stand (pav. 16 - B01), demonstrating the many customization options that can increase productivity while maintaining a high level of safety.

Fratelli Pezza (pav. 16 - D18) ushers in a new era in the glass marking industry with a totally automated marking machine that expands its range of marking systems.

Intermac (pav. 16 - B41) will introduce, among its product innovations, the new CNC Master 33.3 with state-of-the-art bSOLID software that virtually assists the operator, allowing for total control of the production cycle and eliminates the possibility of error. Also launched at the show will be a new line of Genius CT-Red oat glass cutting tables featuring a double-guide bridge moving system.

Mappi (pav. 16 - C39) aims to transform the tempering furnaces sector with the ATS 4.0 ECO Convection furnace that combines superior performance and extreme energy efficiency.

OMV Vismara (pav. 15 - F24) presents a new automatic vertical drilling and milling machine for all types of processing that can be used as a stand-alone machine or integrated into a line with other machines.

Officine Meccaniche Schiatti Angelo (pav. 16 - D22) will exhibit some of its vast range of new tools for customization of standard models that have to do with differences in height or length and special alarms and signaling devices.

SKG (pav. 16 - D25) will display the new CNC DRILL 1600, a 5-axis drilling machine with 2 electro-spindles that ensures perfect drilling of glass combined with milling and edging of inserts.

BDF (pav. 13 - E55) will bring the new BDF constant angle delivery system that decreases the force of impact between gob and trough, allowing for less deformation of the gob and higher gob speed.

Glass Service (pav. 13 - F15) unveils the new combustion technology for OMN forehearths that ensures more long-term performance stability and best-in-class performance linearity over a wider spectrum of flows, and all at lower investment costs.

Star attractions at the OCMI-OTG stand (pav. 13 - F20) will be the latest products developed for machines and production lines for pharmaceutical glass containers and tableware. Specifically, the new line for vial forming and processing tubular glass that includes the new TAM114 indexing vial forming machine and the new annealing lehr that allows for significant expansion of the range of products to be processed thanks to the new vial positioning and conveying system.

These are just some of the many innovations from Gimav members that will be on display at the German show and that form the leading edge with which the Italian glass machines industry will present itself to the world.

Gimav will also unveil its newest digital product catalog on USB ash drive, indexed by industry sector, product type and company name. A key tool available to all industry professionals that offers a comprehensive listing of member products. The catalog will be available free of charge at the Association’s stand (pav. 16 – B58).

The interactive map of Gimav member companies at the Düsseldorf show is available now on the Association website:

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