Those who love their work, as Mappi shows us, do not settle for excellence, go always beyond, towards perfection. This is why every new achievement is a significant milestone in the growth of the company.

ATS 4.0 Eco Convection next-generation plant with a completely new design is the emblem of Industry 4.0 and Mappi. Result of extensive studies, ATS 4.0 does not want to define a new standard, it aims at overcoming it.



The new system Convection "GHBS Xtreme Profile" was developed following extensive studies and specific tests.

The system, through a new design of the elements of the air outflow, allows a better distribution of this on the glass.

The process is carefully implemented by a proportional solenoid valve system and run by a dedicated CU Festo.

This allows to perfectly control the temperature and velocity profiles, in an extremely accurate way, allowing the treatment in LowE glasses at a maximum temperature of 500° in the first phase of heating, an excellent result in terms of efficiency, speed and quality, and which allows to significantly increase the production capacity also with clear glass and in the new Double LowE recently introduced.

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