China Glass 2017 - Italy's best on display at the Gimav Group stand

Italian excellence in Glass Processing showcased at the Beijing Show

A key event for the Asian glass market, the 28th edition of China Glass is just around the corner.

From May 24th to 27th, Italy’s top-of-the-line production for the glass sector will be on display in Beijing, thanks to the group stand promoted by GIMAV, in partnership with ITA (Italian Trade Agency).

Undeniably a success, the project proved extremely successful both in terms of new participants and in area occupied.

The facts and figures from last year’s event are typical of a show that is viewed as the event of choice by those companies seeking to gain access to the Asian market.

The 2016 edition, held in Shanghai over an area of 80,000 sq. meters received more than 22,000 visitors and the figures for this year are expected to be even higher.

The potential offered by this market is the key element that attracted 30 leading Italian firms who enthusiastically agreed to join the venture and will occupy the more than 1,000 sq. m reserved for the GIMAV contingent. Chinese trade professionals have consistently expressed great interest in what Italy’s glass processing technology has to offer and, now more than ever, the focus on Italian products is growing as a result of China’s production raising its own qualitative standards in order to stand up to global competition.

Italy’s manufacturers and suppliers of plants and systems, accessories and special products for glass processing continue to make a name for themselves on an international scale thanks to their reliability, the solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of their clientele and their high level of technological expertise.

Backed up by the considerable penetration of the Asian territory, the industry’s representatives on hand at China Glass will bring their A-game in terms of machinery, products and state-of-the-art innovations.

Following are some of the world-class innovations the Italian companies representing the Flat Glass and Hollow Glass sectors will have on display in Beijing.

Adelio Lattuada (stand E1 - 173) will focus on the latest Industry 4.0-ready solutions in automation and will present its extensive range of machines: straight-line and variable angle grinders, double-edgers, straight-line bevellers, automatic straight and variable radius corner processing machines, vertical washing machines and horizontal drilling machines.

Bavelloni (stand E1 - 139) will present its vertical straight-line edging machines, beveling machines, double-edgers with cup or peripheral wheels, CNC work centers, drilling machines and cutting tables for monolithic and laminated glass.

Bottero (stand E1 - 156) will celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary with an interesting mix of products and sound opportunities for potential new customers as well as existing clientele.

Cefla (stand E1 - 108) will showcase Prima, its flexible sprayer ideal for small batches. Thanks to the patented JIT (Just In Time) system, it cuts waste and the time to change colors. Cost-effective and user-friendly, it is suited to all types of paints and applications, including glass.

CMS (stand E1 - 172) will feature its multi-axis work centers, cutting tables and lines, double-edgers for flat and pencil edge, water-jet cutting systems and the innovative vertical CNC glass drilling and milling machines.

The Fenzi Group (stand E1 - 071) will showcase its most state-of-the-art chemical products for glass processing: sealants and warm edge spacers for high-performance IG units, decorative glass paints for all kinds of applications, the innovative line of Tempver Automotive glass enamels and the broadest range of protective coatings for mirrors. It will perform live demonstrations of digital printing on glass with its Tecglass machines.

Forel (stand E1 - 092) will present the latest developments in its automated lines for assembly of IG units and the vertical pre-processing lines, with special emphasis on the new EG dual-head arrising machine, the EM vertical edger and the DM drilling and milling machine. In addition, it will showcase the technology that sets apart the VC vertical cutting line for laminated glass, the LL lamination line and the latest projects related to smart sorting systems for optimized logistics.

Forvet (stand E1 - 093) customer satisfaction is its mission and Forvet will showcase its ability to create innovative solutions, thanks to its ongoing investments in R&D, with the presentation of its Francesca FC16M 1600 CNC milling and drilling center.

Intermac (stand E1 - 060) will exhibit configurable work centers and 4.0-ready solutions for straight-line and shaped cutting, able to meet the needs of all types of companies. On display, the Master 23 work center, along with the user-friendly and highly-configurable Genius 38 CT and the CNC table for straight and shaped cutting of monolithic glass in large sheet and half sheet sizes.

Italcarrelli (stand E1 – 133) will present platforms, inloaders, multidirectional side-loaders and special equipment for stocking and handling flat glass, as well as machines for loading and unloading boxed glass from inside box containers.

Mappi International (stand E1 – 152) will present ATS 4.0, the ultimate combination of the most recent Mappi innovations, a system that raises the bar in terms of reducing energy consumption, increasing productivity and enhancing the quality of the finished product.

Neptun (stand E1 - 067) will introduce its Quickline, composed of two dedicated work centers for drilling (with automatic tool change) and milling of glass doors, shower enclosures and shelves, while highlighting its speed, accuracy, flexibility and ease of use.

Schiatti Angelo (stand E1 - 150) will present innovative designs and solutions for the automation of production processes. Edgers, beveling machines and drills engineered to satisfy almost any need, including custom-tailored solutions.

SKG Skillglass (stand E1 - 153) will roll out its latest innovations regarding integration with the main ERP software options and the complete automation of loading and unloading, both for the vertical DRILL 1600 drilling machines and the SKILL E-D work centers.

Triulzi Cesare Special Equipments (stand E1 - 151) will feature machines for low-e processing, the use of ultrasound baths, plants for processing fire resistant and magnetron sputtered glass; the washing/drying machine models for coating lines, with upper and lower vibrating brush assemblies for processing zero glass.

Colorobbia Consulting (stand E1 - 128) will present innovative, high-level solutions for reducing NOx and SOx emissions, exhibiting an array of techniques aimed at achieving ever-better environmental targets. Also on display will be its technological products for turnkey plants.

Fermac (stand E1 - 134) will exhibit its vast range of decorating machines for the hollow glass sector (housewares, bottles, cosmetics and perfume) that utilize various printing technologies: ceramic, UV and digital.

Glass Service (stand E1 - 105) will present its new OMN forehearth and distributor combustion system with improved performance compared to existing technologies, along with the new electrode holder with double cooling circuit.

Ocmi Group (stand E1 - 112) will introduce the latest technological developments applied to stemware sealing/stretching machines from its “tableware” division, and the latest innovations in its lines for processing glass vials from borosilicate glass tube for pharmaceutical glass production.

Olivotto Glass Technologies (stand E1 - 117) will focus on its latest generation of sealing machines for producing high-quality stemware and on its neutral borosilicate glass tubing lines for pharmaceutical packaging.
Its high-tech presses will also be center-stage, with the latest developments in press and blow-molding machines, high-speed spinning machines, lines for tube production, technical glass and complete stemware lines.

Pneumofore (stand E1 - 129) will bring its most recent innovations in supplying vacuum and compressed air to the glass industry: the UV100 twin vacuum pump with up to 6,480 m3/h capacity and the A400 compressor for pressure from 2.5 to 10 bar (g). All come in a Hot Climate version for room temperatures up to 55 °C.

Tecno 5 - Cerve (stand E1 - 111) will showcase its new CNC screen printing machine with a 5 synchronized axis printing system. The CN5 model is designed for the decoration of objects with complex shapes. The complete range varies from basic semiautomatic equipment to sophisticated electronic units with integrated multi-axis control and UV drying devices.

Distributed free of charge at the Gimav stand (stand E1 – 055) is the Association’s new print directory of its Member companies, indexed by industry sector, product type and company name; this valuable, user-friendly tool is available to all companies in the glass industry for access to a complete overview of the best of Made in Italy.

Also of special note is the presence of Vitrum (stand E1 - 055) among the exhibitors at China Glass. The Beijing event is a key showcase to promote and illustrate the unique features of the next edition of Vitrum for Asian glass industry professionals. Set to take place in Milan from October 3rd to 6th, the international trade fair promises to be abundant and versatile in terms of innovative elements, content and services offered: a must event for all industry professionals.

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