Italy’s world-class industrial glass machinery on display in Shanghai April 19-22, 2018.

Director Laura Biason: “China? A vital market. The fair: an exclusive gateway to doing business in Asia”

This year, Shanghai will be the host city for “China Glass”, the international trade fair for Asia’s glass industry. In its 29th edition, it is a must for GIMAV and its members who, from April 19th to 22nd 2018, will represent Italy’s glass processing machinery industry at SNIEC - the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

“At a trade expo with more than 80,000 sqm of exhibit area, the “Italy Pavilion” will, once again, be a show-stopper. As is traditional, many of our members will display perfectly operational machines and systems. An entirely respectable calling card for an Italian contingent whose approval ratings continue to rise in markets around the globe, and also in Asia”. Speaking is Laura Biason, director of GIMAV, the association that represents Italy’s suppliers of machinery, plants and systems, accessories and special products for processing flat and hollow glass.

A large Italian delegation, under the aegis of GIMAV, in partnership with ITA (Italian Trade Agency), will participate in this edition, that aims to draw more than, 40,000 glass industry professionals. The 27 member companies will occupy 1,200 sqm of exhibit space. “China - emphasizes Biason - is an unquestionably appealing market for us. And China Glass, with its editions alternating between Shanghai (in even years) and Beijing, is a not-to-be-missed event for strengthening relations and business throughout Asia”.
The People’s Republic is this industry’s third-ranked customer country. “An indication - she concludes - that the value of Italian-made products, and of our technologies and time-tested tradition, is increasingly recognized and appreciated”.

Based on the latest figures from the GIMAV Study Center, exports - which historically are the crowning achievement of Italy’s glass processing machinery industry - continue their upward trend with “plus” signs across the entire sector (Flat Glass and Hollow Glass). Taken all together, the Asian markets account for nearly a 22% share that, for Flat Glass, equals just over 15% and, for Hollow Glass, translates to 25.6%. China is the third customer country for Italy’s glass industry manufacturers, after the United States and Mexico.
The export figures to China for both macro-areas of glass processing are brilliant. Specifically, for Flat Glass exports, China has risen up the ranks from 46th in 2015 to 4th today, with the trend continuing upward. Exports of Italian Hollow Glass, on the other hand, place the People’s Republic second only to Mexico among the top destination countries, with a share of more than 10%, and rising.


GIMAV member companies at China Glass 2018

The interactive map of all GIMAV members participating in China Glass 2018 can be found at: 


Adelio Lattuada (Hall E1 - Booth 113)

Lattuada Robotic Solution: integrated, automatic glass measurement; automatic adjustment of work speed; glass can be rotated 90° or 180°; flexibility – different-sized pieces of glass can be processed alongside one another (minimal separation required); reduced cycle times; cost reduction – only one operator needed; competitive pricing (ROI); non-stop quality control; scalable and customizable solutions.


Antonini (Hall E1 - Booth 220)

Antonini Srl has more than 70 years’ experience in the manufacture of hollow glass annealing and decoration lehrs, tempering lines and pre-heating kilns for molds. Customer satisfaction has long been uppermost in company policy. This led to optimization of the glass annealing and decoration process, which improved product quality and also focused attention on other key aspects, like energy efficiency and low levels of maintenance.


Bavelloni (Hall E1 - Booth 211)

At China Glass 2018, Bavelloni Spa will showcase the VB 500 CNP, a high-productivity beveller known for its quality and extremely low operating costs. The display model will be equipped with three wheels for grinding the remaining edge (after beveling) with polished flat edge with arris. Bavelloni’s Italian staff and its sales partners will be available to show local customers and visiting trade professionals the entire Bavelloni product portfolio, which includes vertical straightline edging machines, beveling machines, double-edgers with cup or peripheral wheels, CNC work centers, drilling machines, cutting tables for monolithic and laminated glass, as well as consulting and technical support services.


BDF Industries (Hall E1 - Booth 181)

BDF Industries is an international leader in glass engineering, renewable energy, and industrial automation. Since 1906, the Glass Division has been its core business, with four product lines dedicated to forming, melting, automation and energy. Today, the company is known around the globe as one of the top four players able to offer solutions and engineering equipment worldwide and promotes itself as the only actor in the hollow glass market able to offer turnkey plants. In order to ensure fast, efficient technical and logistic support to its Asian customers, BDF opened a new branch in Shanghai in 2011. BDF Industries will be on hand at China Glass 2018 with its complete product range: IS machines, gob forming and delivery system, forehearths, batch chargers, glass level, control systems and energy recovery systems.


Bottero (Hall E1 - Booth 173)

Since 1957, Bottero has consistently gained status as a leader in glass processing machines. Its vast experience, research, development and applied technologies make Bottero a unique company, one that sets the standard in three major glass sectors: flat glass, special equipment and hollow glass. Its products range from cutting tables to float lines, stackers to laminating lines, and from glass clamps to the line of IS forming machines for bottles. Thanks to this broad product range, Bottero is relied upon by glass manufacturers everywhere. As a Global Solution Provider, Bottero has the right product to fit virtually every need: from customers looking for a good entry-level product to those with large production requirements and the need for customized solutions.


Bovone (Stand E1 - Booth 112)

Shared know-how and experience is the winning formula behind the synergy between Elettromeccanica Bovone, which has been producing edgers since 1954, and Bovone Diamond Tools, producing diamond tools and polishing wheels for all machines and brands (not just Bovone) since 2003. More than ever, the Bovone Group strives to provide dedicated technical support and personalized customer service that starts at the moment of purchase and continues all the way to choosing the best tools to suit the customer’s needs.


Colorobbia (Hall E1 - Booth 179)

In addition to its solutions for turnkey plants for the production of hollow glass, crystal and special glass, Colorobbia Consulting will also showcase its innovative, high-level solutions for reducing emissions (NOx – SOx – CO2) into the atmosphere. On display will be an array of technical solutions aimed at achieving ever-lower emission reduction targets. It will also present a full system for applying titanium dioxide-based nanoparticle coatings that can be activated in the visible light range for interior and exterior glass covering/cladding applications.


Fenzi (Hall E1 - Booth 123)

The Fenzi Group will take its most cutting-edge line of chemical products for glass processing to China Glass 2018. That includes warm edge products for high-performance IG units, like Fenzi sealants and Alu-Pro and Rolltech spacers, and decorative glass paints suited to all types of applications, from architecture and design to home appliances, automotive and glass packaging. The Group will also feature the broadest range of protective coatings for mirrors. Live demonstrations of digital printing on glass, utilizing the advanced technology of its Tecglass machines, will be a highlight of its exhibit.


Forel (Hall E1 - Booth 214)

The Forel staff will present the latest developments in its automated lines for assembly of IG units, focusing in particular on recent projects for special Jumbo and Extra Jumbo lines, as well as providing detailed descriptions of the technologies featured in its vertical lines. Among these are the EM edger, the DM drilling and milling machine and the EG dual-head arrising machine. In addition, it will display the processing technology behind the VC vertical laminated glass cutting line, the LL lamination line and the smart systems for handling, storing and monitoring glass sheets.


Glass Service (Hall E1 - Booth 203)

Glass Service Srl is an Italian company that engineers and produces high-end melting (and conditioning) solutions for several types of glass, including neutral-borosilicate, sodium silicate, glass containers, tableware and mineral-wool. From turnkey projects to individual accessories (like stirring mechanisms, batch chargers, etc.), Glass Service partners globally with some of the biggest names in the industry.


Intermac (Hall E1 – Booth 117)

On display at China Glass 2018 will be 4.0-ready work centers and straightline and shaped cutting machines that can be configured to meet specific customer needs and adapted to the needs of both artisan-type operations and medium- to large-sized companies. Showcased at the Intermac booth will be the user-friendly and highly-configurable Master 23 work center and the Genius 38 CT for straight and shaped cutting of monolithic glass in large-sheet and half-sheet sizes, fed by a Hotec loader.


Italcarrelli (Hall E1 - Booth 210)

Italcarrelli is a world leader in the design and construction of special machines and solutions for the storage and handling of goods. With years of experience in the field of glass, the company has gained expertise and, thanks to its investments in research into innovative solutions, supplies products to the top glass manufacturers around the world. Products include: platform transporters, inloader transporters, multidirectional side-loaders, special glass handling equipment and trucks for glass handling inside closed-top containers.


Mappi (Hall E1 - Booth 099)

Since 1993, Mappi International has designed and manufactured high quality tempering systems for the glass industry. More than 300 plants installed all over the world testify to the steady growth, huge investments, uncompromising quality and attention the company focuses on the specific needs of each and every customer. All of this culminates in the new ATS 4.0, engineered to be a turning point in efficient operations for modern glass manufacturers.


Neptun (Hall E1 - Booth 217)

Neptun will showcase the Quickline at China Glass 2018. Quickline is composed of two dedicated work centers for drilling (with automatic tool change) and milling of glass doors, shower enclosures, shelves, etc. Unheard-of flexibility, simplified operation, virtually zero maintenance, combined with high speed, outstanding precision and processing quality translate to high productivity and an immediate return (profits).


OCMI (Hall E1 - Booth 207)

The OCMI Group will unveil its latest technological innovations in automation, engineered to increase productivity and efficiency in the production of pharmaceutical glass, specifically, of ampoules and vials from borosilicate glass tube. Visitors will also see the latest tech developments applied to stemware sealing and stretching machines, the flagship product of the OCMI Tableware Division.


Olivotto (Hall E1 - Booth 185)

Olivotto Glass Technologies will focus on its latest generation of welding/stretching machines for the production of high-quality stemware and on its neutral borosilicate glass tubing lines for pharmaceutical packaging. Its high-tech presses will also be on display, with the latest developments in press-and-blow molding machines, high-speed spinning machines, tubing and technical glass production lines and complete stemware lines. New product debut: fully-automated line for stemware and tumbler packaging.


Optima (Hall E1 - Booth 225)

Operating in the glass industry for nearly 25 years and participating for the 15th time in the Chinese trade show, Optima will be on hand in Shanghai with the staff from its local office and its sales manager, Cristian Zanca. Center stage will be its top innovation, a complete production system for integrated management, from automatic sheet loading to management of material in stock, from dynamic cutting optimization to automatic breakout and transfer to other sorting systems (automatic intermediate storage) with transfer to double-edgers, automatic drilling machines, IG lines, lamination lines and tempering furnaces, while monitoring production times and progress of each individual machine, to traceability of pieces produced and immediate re-optimization of any breakage that might have occurred during the production cycle.


Pneumofore (Hall E1 - Booth 205)

As a global leader in vacuum and compressed air systems for glass production, Pneumofore will introduce its latest innovations for the glass industry, including the UV24 vacuum pump, designed to deliver the specific vacuum level required by IS machines; the UV100 single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump; and the 315 kW A400 air compressor for pressures from 2.5 to 10 bar(g). The company designs and manufactures its own rotary vane products and offers a range of services for customers seeking excellent reliability, low life cycle cost and high energy savings.


RBM Italia (Hall E1 - Booth 100)

RBM Italia produces rubber polishing wheels for flat glass used on the most common straightline and double-edging machines. The company’s manufacturing facility in Baldichieri, Asti, in north-western Italy, has maintained an artisan-style organization while acquiring an extensive culture in technology and experience. Its best-selling product is still the 10S (considered a universal wheel) easy to use on all types of machines; its optimal polishing product is the X5000 cerium wheel. Newly-developed lines include one for the removal of coating material from low-E glass and one for CNC machines.


Schiatti (Hall E1 - Booth 098)

Active in the glass processing machinery industry for more than 65 years, Schiatti Angelo Srl is the perfect partner for small, medium and large-sized companies. Visitors to its booth at China Glass 2018 will be able to speak with the company’s sales director, Cinzia Schiatti, on hand to answer questions regarding the most appropriate (even customized) grinding/edging solutions to meet the customer’s needs.


Triulzi (Hall E1 - Booth 097)

Since 1950, Triulzi has continuously evolved to become a leading manufacturer of horizontal and vertical glass washing machines, as well as automatic insulating glass lines, automatic laminated glass lines, wet powder application units for windshields and automatic acid etching lines. The company places special emphasis on market demand for innovations as well as customized automation solutions that comply with initiatives aimed at safeguarding the environment and saving energy. In keeping with these developments, Triulzi has built washers for integration into coating lines and in photovoltaic and TCO production lines, ultrasonic bath systems for the automotive industry and automatic fireproof glass lines.


GIMAV (Hall E1 - Booth 104)

Visitors to the Association booth will be able to consult and receive a free copy of the latest edition of the GIMAV member catalog. This valuable tool – indexed by sector, product type and company name – provides a complete and updated overview of the companies that represent the industry’s best Italian-made products. The catalog is available in print version and on USB flash drive.


Vitrum (Hall E1 - Booth 104)

Vitrum 2019 will make its first official presentation on an international stage at the Shanghai trade show. The 21st edition, set to take place October 1-4, 2019 at Fiera Milano Rho, is already focused on innovation, including the 12 “Vitrum Specialized” themed pathways with their own immediately-recognizable logos, which will bring greater visibility to exhibitors at the show and allow visitors to easily plan their itineraries. At China Glass, the Vitrum staff will be available to answer questions and provide information about the international show slated for 2019 in Italy.

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